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As a people-focused media format run by DIMENSION, Inc., DIMENSION NOTE provides mainly hints and knowledge relating to startup management.
Following our mission to “Create a society in which the honest aspirations of people, businesses and organizations are rewarded,” DIMENSION invests in entrepreneurs who engage in management with serious commitment, and supports their day-to-day actions to advance management.
Management isn’t something you can just do and expect to reap the rewards. That being said, by learning from companies, entrepreneurs and managers who have proven themselves adept at promoting management and expanding their businesses, and continue to “embody” their ideas and practices, we believe it is possible to increase chances of success.
It was with this in mind that in May 2017 we launched Venture Navi, a business-oriented media that provides management-related knowledge to entrepreneurs. Three years after opening the media platform, in 2020 we implemented a full-scale review and renewal, resulting in the unveiling of DIMENSION NOTE, which aims to accumulate entrepreneurial management-related knowledge and become a “notebook” of ideas and hints for entrepreneurs.
Through interviews with entrepreneurs we aim to share a variety of knowledge and expertise, and support the next generation of entrepreneurs who will lead Japan in the future.

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