Making AI simpler and Software Smarter: Appier CEO, Chih Han Yu (Part Four)

Appier, founded in Taiwan in 2012 and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market as an "AI x SaaS" native AI company, is dedicated to advancing the widespread and practical use of easily accessible AI. The company operates globally across 17 locations, providing support for corporate sales and marketing activities. CEO Chih-Han Yu discusses the essential qualities of entrepreneurs and the key factors for business growth on a global scale in an interview. (Four Parts)

The First Inspiration of “Software Intelligence.”

What do you believe are your future prospects?

Our vision is ‘MAKING AI EASY BY MAKING SOFTWARE INTELLIGENT;’ We aim to make software smarter and enhance ROI with AI.

A decade ago, talking about this vision would often lead to puzzled looks and questions. But today, every piece of software is striving to become Intelligent Ver2.0, and we’ve entered an incredibly exciting era. I’ve been an engineer for 20 years, and I believe this is undoubtedly the most fascinating period. We want to be at the forefront of driving this innovation.

Our future strategy involves creating products that enable people to make better decisions using AI. We want to innovate by developing products that increase productivity through more automation.

Furthermore, we want people all over the world to enjoy our value. Two years ago, we entered the U.S. market from scratch, and within a year, we grew our sales in America 14-fold. In the future, we aim to expand not only in the U.S. but globally, seeking to gain the ‘first thought in software intelligence’ recognition worldwide.

Our journey has only just begun.

Persist and Continue to Adapt

If you were an investor, what kind of company would you invest in?

I consider myself an entrepreneur who creates companies rather than an investor, but if I had to choose where to invest, as I mentioned earlier, I would first invest in persistent entrepreneurs.

In assessing whether they can persist or not, I would like to hear why they founded that company. Depending on the reasons behind their decision, I can gauge the longevity of their business.

Next, I would look for companies approaching a very large market.

Finally, especially in the early stages, I would want to assess the company’s adaptability to change. In an era of such rapid change, only those who can adapt to change will succeed.

After all, we even went through 9 pivots ourselves!


Thank you very much. Could you please conclude with a final message to the readers.

I think it’s a very exciting time to be working in the AI field. As someone who has been on this journey for 20 years, I can say that there has never been a more exciting period than now. Moreover, I believe we are living in an era where anyone can become a global talent. Especially in the post-COVID era, it has become possible to endeavor into any field from anywhere.

We aim to provide a platform where talented individuals from around the world can shine on the global stage.

If you resonate with our mission, we would be thrilled to have you join us on this journey.


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